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Reliable Pump Rentals in Fort St. John

With all the updated regulations and stipulations on atmospheric venting, as well as the cost of supplied gases that run the instruments of your gas plants or remote locations, you may find that they may not be as compatible with today's economy. At Service On Site, we offer an environmentally-friendly economic solution. In addition to the standard Eagle Air System Packages that we sell, we also offer customized systems that will meet all your site requirements.


These systems can be used on sites with limited or even non-existent electricity and space. Our systems are available with 20 to 80 SCFM capabilities and equipped with adjustable self-regulating pressure controls. These systems can be supplied with hydraulic drivers that will adapt to existing hydraulic systems or a new system mounted to an existing engine. We can also adapt the units to run directly off the engine itself. We can supply N.G. engines to drive hydraulics and/or the unit itself.


All our packages can be prefabricated in our shop or on-site, installed and maintained by our fully-qualified field technicians. They are available in a wide range of reciprocating and screw compressors, as well as heatless dryers. We can also build systems to meet your needs, varying in cost from $10,000 to $50,000 depending on the site requirements and customer preferences. Labour rates and material costs are available upon request. Please contact us  for more information.

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