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Reliable Pump and Other Industrial Parts in Fort St. John

With all the updated regulations and stipulations on atmospheric venting, as well as the cost of supplied gases that run the instruments of your gas plants or remote locations, you may find that they may not be as compatible with today's economy. At Service On Site, we offer an environmentally friendly economic solution. In addition to the standard Eagle Air System Packages that we sell, we also offer customized systems and industrial parts that will meet all your site requirements.


These systems can be used on sites with limited or even non-existent electricity and space. Our systems are available with 20 to 80 SCFM capabilities and are equipped with adjustable self-regulating pressure controls. These systems can be supplied with hydraulic drivers that will adapt to existing hydraulic systems or a new system mounted to an existing engine. We can also adapt the units to run directly off the engine itself. We can supply N.G. engines to drive hydraulics and/or the unit itself.


All our packages can be prefabricated in our shop or on-site, installed and maintained by our fully qualified field technicians. They are available in a wide range of reciprocating and screw compressors, as well as heatless dryers. We can also build systems to meet your needs, varying in cost from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the site requirements and customer preferences. Labour rates and material costs are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

Understanding Pump Powerhouses: A Deep Dive into Plunger, Centrifugal, Progressive Cavity, and Mechanical Seals

Industrial operations rely heavily on the efficient movement of fluids, and industrial parts play a major role in this process in Fort St. John. Among the crucial equipment at the heart of this movement are pumps, each with its own strengths and applications. At Service On Site, we offer top-quality pumps and other industrial parts for our customers in Fort St. John. Here, we delve into four key pump types and the essential role they play: plunger pumps, centrifugal pumps, progressive cavity pumps, and mechanical seals.

Plunger Pumps: Precision for High Pressure

Imagine a piston pushing against a liquid in a cylinder. That's essentially the operating principle of a plunger pump. These pumps excel at delivering high-pressure fluid streams thanks to their positive displacement design. Each piston stroke transfers a fixed volume, making them ideal for tasks like:

  • Metering and dosing precise amounts of fluids: Chemical injection, fuel delivery, and paint spraying often rely on the accuracy of plunger pumps.

  • Handling viscous fluids: From heavy oils to thick slurries, plunger pumps can move them effectively due to their positive displacement nature.

  • High-pressure cleaning: Their ability to generate significant pressure makes them effective for industrial cleaning applications.

However, plunger pumps can be more complex and require regular maintenance compared to other pump types.

Centrifugal Pumps: Workhorses for Everyday Flow

These industrial parts in Fort St. John utilize rotating impellers to create centrifugal force, drawing fluid in and accelerating it outwards. Unlike plunger pumps, they offer continuous flow and are generally simpler in design. Their versatility makes them suitable for various applications:

  • Transferring large volumes of liquids: Water supply systems, irrigation, and industrial process pumping often rely on centrifugal pumps' efficient flow rates.

  • Handling clean, non-viscous fluids: Water, thin oils, and other low-viscosity liquids are well-suited for centrifugal pumps.

  • Cost-effective solution for moderate pressure needs: For applications requiring moderate pressure and continuous flow, centrifugal pumps offer a reliable and economical option.

However, they struggle with high-viscosity fluids, require priming for initial operation, and may not be ideal for precise metering applications.

Progressive Cavity Pumps: Masters of Viscous and Shear-Sensitive Fluids

Imagine a single-helix rotor turning inside a double-helix stator, creating progressive cavities that move fluid along. This unique design is the essence of progressive cavity pumps, making them exceptional for:


  • Handling highly viscous fluids: From heavy sludge to sticky pastes, these pumps effortlessly handle challenging materials without damaging their structure.

  • Shear-sensitive fluids: Products like pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, and polymers require gentle handling, which progressive cavity pumps excel at due to their low shear action.

  • Metering and dosing: Similar to plunger pumps, they offer precise flow control, making them suitable for applications requiring consistent and accurate dispensing.

Despite all this, their complex design can lead to higher initial costs, and they may not be suitable for high-pressure applications.

Mechanical Seals: Guardians of Leak-free Operation

Mechanical seals are vital components in various pump types, forming a barrier between the rotating shaft and the pump housing to prevent fluid leakage. Different seal types cater to specific needs:

  • Single mechanical seals: A simple and cost-effective option for moderate pressure and temperature applications.

  • Double mechanical seals: Offer enhanced reliability and leak protection in demanding environments.

  • Cartridge seals: Pre-assembled units simplifying maintenance and replacement.


Choosing the correct seal material and design is crucial for optimal performance and lifespan, considering factors like:


  • Fluid compatibility: Ensure the seal material is resistant to the specific fluid being pumped.

  • Pressure and temperature ratings: Select a seal capable of withstanding the operating conditions.

  • Rotational speed: Match the seal design to the pump's shaft speed for proper sealing.

By understanding these key industrial parts and their applications, you can make informed decisions when choosing the right equipment for your specific industrial needs. Remember, consulting with a qualified pump specialist can ensure you select the optimal solution for your unique requirements. And if you are looking for premium quality industrial parts in Fort St. John, contact Service On Site today. We have got you covered with functional and durable pumps, seals and more on rental as well as sale.

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