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Durable Mechanical Seals in Fort St. John

Our company is dedicated to providing comprehensive pump and mechanical seal solutions in order to maximize your productivity and reduce downtime. With seals costing up to 50% of the price of the pump, you want to have an unbiased yet knowledgeable support team like Service On Site helping you with seal selection, design, troubleshooting, maintenance, inventory, and record-keeping duties. We work on the combination of pumps and seals daily, which gives us a formidable work experience that non-service companies may find difficult to achieve.


Sometimes seal replacement can take many weeks before the proper seal is obtained. Service On Site can alleviate these problems by providing seal selection and inventory assistance for your facilities before problems happen.

Pump/Seal Survey and Consultation

This is mostly a streamlining exercise that provides both you and our team with the same road map to your facilities. The seal survey works toward acquiring, organizing, and maintaining all relevant pump, motor, and seal data in your facilities.

Seal Selection

Service On Site has a dealer discount with most of the major seal manufacturers. We are available to provide assistance in selecting seals for your application. After you send your seals to us, we’ll tell you all the necessary repair, failure analysis, and replacement costs.


Updated training is valuable even for the most veteran millwright. Service On Site can link you to many kinds of manufacturer training seminars and facilities.


There are tremendous cost savings in knowing the history of equipment pieces, as problems can go undetected for years without proper record-keeping. We’ll work with your planners and customize a database solution for your plant.

Need Assistance?

We’re available 24/7.

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