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Pump Commissioning Checklist With OEM Specifications for Start-Ups

  • Check all piping for stress on equipment.

  • Check that all drive couplings are disconnected from drivers.

  • Identify all control switches to equipment with lockout procedures.

  • Pre-run all electric motors for one hour.

  • Check all oil levels and identify that proper oil and lubricant are used.

  • Check that adequate couplings are used for appropriate horsepower.

  • Check that the equipment is secure to its bases.

  • Proceed with cold alignment.

  • Run equipment as per OEM procedure.

  • Check all piping and connections for leaks.

  • Complete hot alignment.

  • Teach all operators start-up procedures as per OEM procedures.

  • Sign equipment over to production staff complete with commissioning report, including digital data reports from laser alignment specifications.

Chemical Compatibility Information

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Chemical Compatibility Chart


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